Secret Window

Some windows should never be opened
Some windows should never be opened
D: David Koepp
Columbia/Pariah (Gavin Palone)
US 2004
92 mins


W: David Koepp [based on the novel "Secret Window, Secret Garden" by Stephen King]
DP: Fred Murphy
Ed: Jill Savitt
Mus: Philip Glass & Geoff Zanelli

Johnny Depp (Mort Rainey), John Turturro (John Shooter), Maria Bello (Amy Rainey), Charles S. Dutton (Ken Karsch), Timothy Hutton (Ted Milner)

A reclusive writer is stalked by a mysterious stranger adamant that his work has been plaigarised.
The plot alone makes it obvious that this is based on works by Stephen King, and though it isn't amongst the horror scribes best works, this cinematic adaptation is still enjoyable, mostly due to the good performances of the ever reliable Johnny Depp in the lead and an insidiously creepy John Turturro.
Screenwriter David Koepp stretches his trade into directing and presents some rather unique visuals which make up for the transparency of the predictable narrative. Still, he wins kudos for delivering a psychological thriller without a tacked-on Hollywood ending.

Johnny Depp in Secret Window
Johnny Depp in Secret Window