Save the Tiger


D: John G. Avildsen

Paramount/Filmways (Steve Shagan)

US 1973

100 mins


W: Steve Shagan

DP: James Crabe

Ed: David Bretherton

Mus: Marvin Hamlisch

Jack Lemmon (Harry Stoner), Jack Gilford (Phil Greene), Laurie Heinemann (Myra), Norman Burton (Fred Mirrell), Patricia Smith (Janet Stoner)

Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for his performance as Harry Stoner, a man going through a midlife crisis as his clothing business struggles with potential bankruptcy and he yearns for the simplicity of youth while going through this difficult period in his life.

It's a very good performance from Lemmon, and he gets good support from the rest of the cast, in what is essentially a low key drama produced on a very small budget.

It's very much a product of its time, and only really worth looking back on for Lemmon's performance. Jack Gifford also received an Oscar nomination, as did Steve Shagan's screenplay.


Jack Lemmon in Save The Tiger
Jack Lemmon in Save The Tiger