San Andreas

D: Brad Peyton
Warner Bros/New Line/Village Roadshow (Beau Flynn, Hiram Garcia & Tripp Vinson)
US 2015
114 mins


W: Carlton Cuse
DP: Steve Yedlin
Ed: Bob Ducsay
Mus: Andrew Lockington

Dwayne Johnson (Chief Raymond Gaines), Carla Gugino (Emma Gaines), Alexandra Daddario (Blake Gaines), Ioan Gruffudd (Daniel Riddick), Paul Giamatti (Dr. Lawrence Hayes), Hugh Johnstone-Burt (Ben Taylor), Art Parkinson (Ollie Taylor)

2012 meets Cliffhanger for this big budget disaster flick set in big, dumb America. 
In the clutches of a powerful earthquake which devastates California, helicopter pilot Dwayne Johnson sets out to rescue his ex-wife and daughter with his chopper.
The special effects on showcase are of the highest merit, though there's nothing that really deviates from Roland Emmerich's similarly-themed film mentioned above. 
Aside from the effects, this is a rather mundane effort, with subplots and characters that go nowhere, particularly Paul Giamatti, who seems to be in the mix to explain the science, but doesn't really tell us anything we don't already know. It's a powerful earthquake, people will die. Unfortunately it's hard to make any emotional connection to the characters when they're so boringly written.

Dwayne Johnson & Carla Gugino in San Andreas
Dwayne Johnson & Carla Gugino in San Andreas