Salem's Lot

D: Tobe Hooper
Warner Bros./Serendipity (Richard Kobritz)
US 1979
112 mins (TV version: 200 mins)


W: Paul Monash [based on the novel by Stephen King]
DP: Jules Brenner
Ed: Carol Sax & Tom Pryor
Mus: Harry Sukman

David Soul (Ben Mears), James Mason (Richard Straker), Lance Kerwin (Mark Petrie), Bonnie Bedelia (Susan Norton), Lew Ayres (Jason Burke), Julie Cobb (Bonnie Sawyer), Ed Flanders (Bill Norton)

A writer returns to his hometown (Jerusalem's Lot) where he discovers it has become populated with bloodthirsty vampires.
Cut down from a 200-minute TV mini series into a more digestible-sized version, the production values can't be faulted due to its lower budget origins, nor can the performances, but the narrative feels far too choppy in this version as far too much had been omitted to the cutting room floor. The full length TV mini-series is recommended over this abridged version, but only if you have a spare 3-and-a-half hours.

David Soul & James Mason in Salem's Lot
David Soul & James Mason in Salem's Lot