The Road to Wellville

D: Alan Parker
J&M/Beacon/Dirty Hands (Alan Parker, Armyan Bernstein & Robert Colesberry)
US 1994
120 mins


W: Alan Parker [based on the novel by T. Coraghessen Boyle]
DP: Peter Biziou
Ed: Gerry Hambling
Mus: Rachel Portman
PD: Brian Morris

Anthony Hopkins (Dr. John Harvey Kellogg), Bridget Fonda (Eleanor Lightbody), Matthew Broderick (William Lightbody), John Cusack (Charles Ossining), Dana Carvey (George Kellogg), Michael Lerner (Goodloe Bender), Colm Meaney (Dr. Lionel Badger)

A black comedy about the eccentric inventor of cornflakes (who else?) and his crackpot health farm where the guests struggle to refrain from sex.
The comedy throughout isn't very consistent, swinging between farce and slapstick but offering very few belly laughs.
Considering the cast and crew involved, this could have been better, but perhaps the idea was simply too madcap in the first instance to create anything vaguely commercial with.

John Neville & Matthew Broderick in The Road to Wellville
John Neville & Matthew Broderick in The Road to Wellville