The Report

Truth matters
Truth matters


D: Scott Z. Burns

Amazon/Vice/Unbranded/Margin Of Error/Topic (Scott Z. Burns, Jennifer Fox, Danny Gabai, Eddy Moretti, Kerry Orent, Steven Soderbergh & Michael Sugar)

US 2019

119 mins


W: Scott Z. Burns

DP: Eigil Bryld

Ed: Greg O'Bryant

Mus: David Wingo

Adam Driver (Daniel Jones), Annette Bening (Dianne Feinstein), Jon Hamm (Denis McDonough), Jennifer Morrison (Caroline Krass), Tim Blake Nelson (Raymond Nathan)

I'm at a quandary when it comes to American political films. For a start, I'm British, so my knowledge of the subject is relatively limited, coupled with the fact that I find the vast majority of these films to be agitprops. My general enjoyment comes down to how good the script and/or performances are.

Thankfully, The Report gets a thumbs up on this criteria, making for a decent political thriller.

Driver plays an investigator for the US senate who seeks the truth behind the treatment of prisoners held by the US government as potential terrorists, uncovering acts of brutal torture that resulted in some deaths.

The film shows both sides of the political divide without being too preachy on the subject matter. Adam Driver is very good in the lead role, but the best performance of the movie belongs to Annette Bening as a stone-faced senator.


Adam Driver in The Report
Adam Driver in The Report