The Relic

They did the unthinkable. They brought it back
They did the unthinkable. They brought it back
D: Peter Hyams
Paramount/Cloud Nine/Pacific Western (Sam Mercer & Gale Anne Hurd)
US 1997
110 mins


W: Amy Jones, John Raffo & Rick Jaffa [based on the novel by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child]
DP: Peter Hyams
Ed: Steven Kemper
Mus: John Debney

Penelope Ann Miller (Dr. Margo Green), Tom Sizemore (Lt. Vincent D'Agosta), Linda Hunt (Dr. Ann Cuthbert), James Whitmore (Dr. Albert Frock)

Standard monster movie, set in a Chicago museum where the delivery of a new Brazilian exhibit also contained an ancient brain-eating monster.
Typical B-movie hokum, with the performances just about as average as the special effects. Not a terrible watch, but it's unlikely to become an exhibit in a museum of classic monster movies.
The Relic
The Relic