The Real McCoy

D: Russell Mulcahy
Capella (Martin Bregman, Will Baer & Michael S. Bregman)
US 1993
101 mins


W: William Davies & William Osborne
DP: Denis Crossan
Ed: Peter Honess
Mus: Brad Fiedel

Kim Basinger (Karen McCoy), Val Kilmer (J.T. Barker), Terence Stamp (Jack Schmidt), Gailard Sartain (Gary Buckner), Zach English (Patrick)

Expert cat burgler Karen McCoy, fresh from a jail term, hopes to settle down with her son and live a straight life, but her corrupt parole officer and a former policeman blackmail her into one final heist by using her boy as leverage.
Aside from casting a female in a lead which would usually go to a male, this crime thriller doesn't really have much else original going for it, and Kim Basinger feels incredibly miscast in a role which would have been perfect for someone like Sigourney Weaver or Linda Hamilton. There's a few moments of excitement, but they aren't particularly memorable.

Kim Basinger & Val Kilmer in The Real McCoy
Kim Basinger & Val Kilmer in The Real McCoy