Ruthless People

D: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker & Jerry Zucker
Touchstone/Silver Screen Partners II (Michael Peyser)
US 1986
93 mins


W: Dale Launer
DP: Jan DeBont
Ed: Gib Jaffe & Arthur Schmidt
Mus: Michel Colombier

Danny DeVito (Sam Stone), Bette Midler (Barbara Stone), Judge Reinhold (Ken Kessler), Helen Slater (Sandy Kessler), Bill Pullman (Earl Mott)

Quite literally the opposite of Romancing The Stone, another film of the 1980's which also starred Danny DeVito.
The troublesome wife of Sam Stone is abducted by a pair of incompetent kidnappers but he refuses to pay the ransom, choosing instead to live the party life in her absence.
This raucous comic farce is very much a product of the 1980's, generating its laughs from its perfectly cast performers rather than the quality of the script. 
Good fun for its time, but it's no classic.

Danny DeVito in Ruthless People
Danny DeVito in Ruthless People