Running Scared

Two of Chicago's finest?
Two of Chicago's finest?


D: Peter Hyams

MGM (David Foster & Lawrence Turman)

US 1986

106 mins


W: Gary DeVore & Jimmy Huston

DP: Peter Hyams

Ed: James Mitchell

Mus: Rod Temperton

Billy Crystal (Danny Costanzo), Gregory Hines (Ray Hughes), Steven Bauer (Det. Frank Sigliano), Darlanne Fluegel (Anna Costanzo), Joe Pantoliano (Snake), Dan Hedaya (Capt. Logan), Jimmy Smits (Julio Gonzalez)

Amongst all the Beverly Hills Cop and Lethal Weapon-type buddy-buddy/mismatched cop movies of the 1980's, it would have been perfectly understandable to let Running Scared pass you by.

Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal play the accident-prone double act in this movie, who contemplate retirement to the Florida Keys whilst investigating a narcotics/homicide case.

Despite being good fun, this doesn't really bring anything new to the table besides the exuberant partnership of Hines & Crystal as well as a decent 80's soundtrack of Rod Temperton-penned songs.


Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines in Running Scared
Billy Crystal & Gregory Hines in Running Scared