Rising Sun

D: Philip Kaufman
20th Century Fox (Peter Kaufman)
US 1993
129 mins


W: Philip Kaufman, Michael Crichton & Michael Backes [based on the novel by Michael Crichton]
DP: Michael Chapman
Ed: Stephen A. Rotter & William Scharf
Mus: Toru Takemitsu & Richard Marriott

Sean Connery (Capt. John Connor), Wesley Snipes (Lt. Web Smith), Harvey Keitel (Lt. Tom Graham), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Eddie Sakamura), Kevin Anderson (Bob Richmond), Mako (Yoshida San), Ray Wise (Senator John Morton), Tia Carrere (Jingo Asakuma), Steve Buscemi (Willy Wilhelm)

Michael Crichton's works were hot property in the 1990's, especially following the success of Jurassic Park, and most of his novels got the big screen treatment. Rising Sun, however, was one of the most disappointing, feeling more like a formulaic, clichéd cousin to the Lethal Weapon movies.
Two cops, Sean Connery & Wesley Snipes, investigate the murder of a prostitute in the boardroom of a Japanese  corporation headquarters and uncover corruption.
The film relies heavily on dialogue rather than action set pieces, but there's nothing particularly engaging beyond the opening act. The performances aren't bad, but there's nothing particularly memorable about this clash-of-cultures thriller.

Wesley Snipes & Sean Connery in Rising Sun
Wesley Snipes & Sean Connery in Rising Sun