Renaissance Man

D: Penny Marshall 
Touchstone/Parkway/Cinergi (Sara Colleton, Elliott Abbott & Robert Greenhut)
US 1994
129 mins


W: Jim Burnstein
DP: Adam Greenberg
Ed: George Bowers & Battle Davis
Mus: Hans Zimmer

Danny DeVito (Bill Rago), Gregory Hines (Sgt. Cass), James Remar (Capt. Tom Murdoch), Cliff Robertson (Col. James), Stacey Dash (Pvt. Miranda Myers), Lillo Brancato, Jr. (Pvt. Donnie Benitez), Mark Wahlberg (Pvt. Tommy Lee Haywood)

An unemployed ad-man is drafted into the army to teach poetry to the dimmest recruits and give them some self-esteem.
This heavily sentimental mix of Dead Poets Society (qv) and a recruiting poster is reasonably entertaining for the most part and certainly has its heart in the right place, but is also very predictable, a little dull and especially light on moments of actual comedy. 

Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man