Raising Arizona

D: Joel Coen
20th Century Fox/Circle Films (Ethan Coen & Mark Silverman)
US 1987
94 mins


W: Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
DP: Barry Sonnenfeld
Ed: Michael R. Miller
Mus: Carter Burwell

Nicolas Cage (H.I. McDonnough), Holly Hunter (Edwina), Trey Wilson (Nathan Arizona, Sr.), John Goodman (Gale), William Forsythe (Evelle), Sam McMurray (Glen), Frances McDormand (Dot), Randall 'Tex' Cobb (Leonard Smalls)

The films of the Coen Brothers are very much an acquired taste, but those who appreciate their style will most certainly enjoy Raising Arizona and list it amongst the best from the filmmaking partnership.
This black comedy stars Nicolas Cage as an ex-convict and Holly Hunter as his wife, who is also a law enforcement official.
Unable to have children of their own, they kidnap the baby of a millionaire who sends a biker bounty hunter in pursuit. 
Meanwhile, two jailbreakers hole up with them and cause a new kind of hell themselves.
The Coen's crazy screwball style really works here with some hilarious dialogue and memorable characters. A great slice of cult cinema.
Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona
Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona