Raggedy Man

D: Jack Fisk
Universal (William D. Wittliff & Burt Weissbound)
US 1981
94 mins


W: William D. Wittliff
DP: Ralf Bode
Ed: Edward Warschilka
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith

Sissy Spacek (Nita Longley), Eric Roberts (Teddy), Sam Shepard (Bailey), William Anderson (Calvin), R.G. Armstrong (Rigby)

Shortly following the Great Depression in a remote Texas town, a divorced switchboard operator and her two young children, all ostracised by the devoutly religious and conservative townsfolk, are protected by a mysterious drifter.
The performances of Sissy Spacek and Eric Roberts give this rural melodrama a good deal of interest, but there's little else memorable about it.
Sissy Spacek in Raggedy Man
Sissy Spacek in Raggedy Man