The Queen's Corgi

For Dog's Sake!
For Dog's Sake!


D: Ben Stassen & Vincent Kesteloot

Belga/NWave (Ben Stassen)

Belgium 🇧🇪 2019

85 mins


W: John R. Smith & Rob Sprackling

Mus: Ramin Djawadi

[UK version] voices of: Jack Whitehall (Rex), Julie Walters (Queen Elizabeth II), Sheridan Smith (Wanda), Ray Winstone (Tyson), Jon Culshaw (Donald Trump)

A good animated film should appeal to both adults and children to make for a good, worthwhile movie for all the family to enjoy... I have no idea who this film would appeal to. Some of the jokes are completely unsuitable for children and adults are more than likely to be bored beyond belief.

After embarrassing Queen Elizabeth II during a presidential visit, her majesty's favourite Corgi goes on the run from Buckingham Palace and tries to find its way back, but gets lost and accidentally finds itself in an underground fight club for dogs.

Perhaps this film could hold the attentions of young children (even though they won't understand the Fight Club references), but it's highly unlikely to provide much entertainment for adults. It's only 85 minutes, but seems much longer, and there's really not much to recommend about it.

The vocal cast were different for the UK & US releases, with Jack Whitehall voicing the title character for British audiences. Personally, I don't think it would have mattered who voiced the part, as it wouldn't change how lazy and awful the dialogue is.


The Queen's Corgi
The Queen's Corgi