Puppet Master

Evil comes in all sizes
Evil comes in all sizes
D: David Schmoeller 
Full Moon (Hope Perello)
US 1989
90 mins
W: Joseph G. Collodi, Charles Band & Kenneth J. Hall
DP: Sergio Salvati
Ed: Tom Meshelski
Mus: Richard Band

Paul LeMat (Alex Whitaker), Irene Miracle (Dana Hadley), Matt Roe (Frank Forrester), Kathryn O'Reilly (Carissa Stamford), Robert Frates (Megan Gallagher), William Hickey (André Toulon)
An 80's twist on the Frankenstein story, also merging elements from haunted house movies and slashers, as a group of psychics investigate eerie events at an isolated hotel, and find themselves attacked by living puppets.
Some of the narrative is quite slow, but the film is kept alive by some creepy visual effects, surprisingly effective considering the film's age and modest budget.
Many sequels followed, but weren't of nearly the same quality, and the original was pretty schlocky to begin with.

Puppet Master
Puppet Master