D: David Seltzer
Columbia Tristar (Daniel Melnick & Michael Rachmil)
US 1988
122 mins
W: David Seltzer
DP: Reynaldo Villalobos
Ed: Bruce Green
Mus: Charles Gross
Tom Hanks (Steven Gold), Sally Field (Lilah Krytsick), John Goodman (John Krytsick), Mark Rydell (Romeo), Kim Griest (Madeline), Paul Mazursky (Arnold)
A housewife and aspiring stand-up comedienne is mentored by a male comedian with personality problems.
Good performances from Tom Hanks and Sally Field make this watchable, but it's by far, too serious a look at the world of comedy. Something lighter would have made a far more entertaining and fun viewing experience.

Tom Hanks in Punchline
Tom Hanks in Punchline