D: Robert Altman
Paramount/Disney (Robert Evans)
US 1980
114 mins
W: Jules Feiffer [based on characters created by E. C. Segar]
DP: Giuseppe Rotunno
Ed: Tony Lombardo 
Mus: Harry Nilsson
PD: Wolf Kroeger
Robin Williams (Popeye), Shelley Duvall (Olive Oyl), Paul L. Smith (Bluto), Paul Dooley (J. Wellington Wimpy)
Poorly executed attempt at a live action version of the popular cartoon character and his adventures. 
The feel of the film makes it clear that Robert Altman wasn't the right choice of director and the performances also feel rather miscast, including Robin Williams in his big screen debut. The production design of Sweethaven village, built off the coast of Malta, is reasonably well done, but that's all that can be commended. The acting fails to captivate, the story is dull, the songs are boring and the makeup makes it look as though Popeye is suffering some hideous defect.
A terrible advert for spinach, best watched with one eye shut.

Robin Williams in Popeye
Robin Williams in Popeye