Plan 9 from Outer Space

D: Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Wade Williams Productions (Edward D. Wood, Jr.)
US 1959
79 mins
Science Fiction
W: Edward D. Wood, Jr.        
DP: William C. Thompson
Ed: Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Mus: Gordon Zahler
Bela Lugosi (The Old Man), Tor Johnson (Insp. Daniel Clay), Gregory Walcott (Jeff Trent), Mona McKinnon (Paula Trent), Duke Moore (Lt. John Harper), Tom Keene (Col. Tom Edwards), John Breckinridge (The Ruler)
The so-called "worst movie ever made" is every bit as awful as its reputation would suggest. Poorly acted, directed and scripted with a nonsensical plot of an alien species bringing the dead back from the grave.
Wrapped around 4-year-old footage of Bela Lugosi (who died prior to actual filming), a much taller body double stands in for the rest of the horror legend's scenes, whilst obvious paper plates stand in for UFO's. Hastily-edited stock footage is crammed into several scenes whilst lazily decorated sets are unconvincing in others to say the least (two chairs and a curtain are used to simulate an aeroplane cockpit).
Despite the film's faults, of which there are plenty, it's absolutely hilarious to the point where it becomes incredibly entertaining.
Sometimes they really are so bad that they're good.
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Plan 9 from Outer Space