D: James Bridges
Columbia/Delphi (James Bridges)
US 1985
115 mins


W: James Bridges & Aaron Latham [based on an article by Aaron Latham]
DP: Gordon Willis
Ed: Jeff Gourson
Mus: Ralph Burns & Narada Michael Walden

John Travolta (Adam Lawrence), Jamie Lee Curtis (Jessie Wilson), Anne de Salvo (Frankie), Marilu Henner (Sally), Laraine Newman (Linda)

The massive popularity of Jane Fonda's workout videos in the early 1980's almost made it inevitable that a Hollywood movie would tackle the subject of aerobics. Unfortunately, the result is a bit of a mess which doesn't know if it's a drama, comedy, romance or even a thriller. 
John Travolta plays a journalist for Rolling Stone who does a side story on health clubs being the new singles bars, with promiscuous types joining to get more than a thorough workout. During his insight into a popular gym in Los Angeles, he meets and falls in love with a feisty aerobics instructor played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who has her own reasons for not wanting to be part of the article.
Far from perfect, James Bridges' film isn't quite as poor as its reputation would suggest, but it certainly isn't a good film. Jamie Lee Curtis' performance gives the film some credibility, but everyone else is quite embarrassing, especially John Travolta in the scene where he performs aerobics in his y-pants.
The film failed to find an audience, becoming one of the biggest flops of 1985 and Travolta took a four year break from acting as a result.