Overboard (1987/2018)

D: Garry Marshall
MGM (Alexandra Rose & Anthea Sylbert)
US 1987
112 mins


W: Leslie Dixon
DP: John A. Alonzo
Ed: Dov Hoenig & Sonny Baskin
Mus: Alan Silvestri

Goldie Hawn (Joanna Stayton/Annie Proffitt), Kurt Russell (Dean Proffitt), Edward Herrmann (Grant Stayton III), Katherine Helmond (Edith Mintz), Roddy McDowell (Andrew)

Starring the real-life couple of Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, it's a bit of an in-joke that at the start of this comedy-romance, they don't get on. In fact, they do rather hate each other.

Hawn plays a spoilt heiress who hires Russell for some carpentry work, but after she reneges on payment he wants some revenge, and finally gets it when he convinces her that she's his wife after she suffers amnesia, using her to look after his unruly kids whilst he goes about his business.

The film is generally good fun, played for laughs and utilises the chemistry between its screen partnership to good effect.


Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell in Overboard
Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell in Overboard

A riches to rags story, if only he could remember it...
A riches to rags story, if only he could remember it...


D: Rob Greenberg

MGM/Pantelion (Eugenio Derbez, Benjamin Odell & Bob Fisher)

US 2018

112 mins


W: Rob Greenberg, Bob Fisher & Leslie Dixon [based on the screenplay by Leslie Dixon]

DP: Michael Barrett

Ed: Lee Haxall

Mus: Lyle Workman

Anna Faris (Kate Sullivan), Eugenio Darbez (Leonardo Montenegro), Eva Longoria (Theresa), Mel Rodriguez (Bobby), John Hannah (Colin)

Another remake which nobody wanted or asked for, taking the plot from the 1987 Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell comedy and switching the roles.

The original film wasn't perfect, but it certainly had its charm, helped by the pairing of Hawn & Russell, who were an actual couple and therefore the on-screen chemistry seemed realistic. In this remake, Eugenio Darbez and Anna Faris have no chemistry, and the screenwriters don't include enough comedy to provide any real laughs.

The original film saw Russell's hardworking carpenter screwed over by Hawn's spoiled socialite, getting his own back when she suffers amnesia, convincing her that she's the mother of his unruly kids. In this one, Faris' character is a pizza-delivery girl and cleaner, rather than a carpenter (quite sexist of the screenwriters to assume that a woman couldn't be successful in this trade, isn't it?), and Darbez is an obnoxious playboy who refuses to pay her because "toxic masculinity". The rest is cookie cutter rubbish from practically any rom-com you could wave a stick at.

Personally, I think a film should only be remade if it can be improved upon or a new direction be taken with the original material. This does neither, leaving the cast all at sea.


Eugenio Darbez & Anna Faris in Overboard
Eugenio Darbez & Anna Faris in Overboard