Over the Top

His name is Hawk. He's fighting for his son.
His name is Hawk. He's fighting for his son.
D: Menahem Golan
Cannon (Menahem Golan & Yoram Globus)
US 1987
93 mins


W: Stirling Silliphant & Sylvester Stallone
DP: David Gurfinkel
Ed: Don Zimmerman & James Symons
Mus: Giorgio Moroder

Sylvester Stallone (Lincoln Hawk), Robert Loggia (Jason Cutler), Susan Blakely (Christina Hawk), Rick Zumwalt (Bull Harley), David Mendenhall (Michael Hawk)

1987 was a rather terrible year for Cannon film productions, whose usual output was hastily-made, low-budget action films, but following their purchase of the rights to film Masters Of The Universe & Superman IV, both of which were emptying the coffers and they needed a hit, and quick.

Directed by the co-studio head, Israeli filmmaker Menahem Golan decided the best way to get some money back into the bank was with this formulaic story centred around the thuggish and brutal world of arm wrestling.

Sly Stallone, fresh from the set of the Rocky films, stars as Lincoln Hawk (seriously), a truck driver who participates in arm wrestling competitions and vies to win the love & respect of his son the only way he knows how, by winning another competition. 

The film did reasonably well for the studio, despite the fact that it's mindless crap, even for guilty pleasure stuff, with some truly odious acting performances.


Over the Top
Over the Top