The Nasty Girl

D: Michael Verhoeven
Mainline/Sentana/ZDF (Michael Senftleben)         
West Germany 1990
92 mins
W: Michael Verhoeven
DP: Axel de Roche
Ed: Barbara Hennings
Mus: Mike Hertung, Elmar Schloter, Billy Gorlt & Lydie Auvray
Lene Stolze (Sonja), Monika Baumgartner (Sonja's Mother), Michael Gahr (Paul Rosenberger), Hans-Reinhard Müller (Juckenack)
Loosely based on the true story of Anna Rosmus, this German arthouse film follows a young woman as she investigates her Bavarian village and its people's involvement during the Second World War only for the townsfolk turn on her to protect their transgressions.
It's a little too arty for my personal taste, as it would be for many others, but it does make for a rather unique viewing experience, albeit probably not one for repeat viewings. 1990's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

Lena Stolze in The Nasty Girl
Lena Stolze in The Nasty Girl