D: Clive Barker
20th Century Fox/Morgan Creek (Gariella Martinelli)
US 1990
102 mins
W: Clive Barker [based on his novel "Cabal"]
DP: Steve Hardie & Mark Haskins
Ed: Richard Marden & Mark Goldblatt
Mus: Danny Elfman
Craig Sheffer (Aaron Boone/Cabal), Anne Bobby (Lori Winston), David Cronenberg (Dr. Philip K. Decker), Charles Haid (Capt. Eigerman), Hugh Quarshie (Det. Joyce), Hugh Ross (Narcisse), Doug Bradley (Dirk Lylesberg)
Unique horror movie in which the monsters are considered good guys and the humans are the real villains. A troubled teenager discovers Midian, an underworld kingdom of shape-shifting beasts, while a psychotic serial killer also wants to find the mythical world, so he can destroy it.
Clive Barker wrote the screenplay and directed, based on his own novel, and the film provides a refreshing change for the genre despite not having much narrative drive. 

Craig Sheffer in Nightbreed
Craig Sheffer in Nightbreed