The Mosquito Coast

D: Peter Weir
Warner Bros. (Jerome Hellmann)
US 1986
117 mins


W: Paul Schrader [based on the novel by Paul Thereux]
DP: John Seale
Ed: Thom Noble 
Mus: Maurice Jarre 
PD: John Stoddart

Harrison Ford (Allie Fox), Helen Mirren (Mrs. Fox), River Phoenix (Charlie), Jadrien Steele (Jerry), Hilary Gordon (April)

An eccentric and idealistic inventor relocates his family to a Central American jungle where he endeavours to build an ice machine and help the indigenous people, causing a conflict between himself and his wife & teenage children.
This ecological minded drama, based on Paul Thereux's novel, seems to have lost something in translation from page to screen, but it's strengthened by the large scale production design and a very strong lead performance from Harrison Ford (apparently the actor's personal favourite of his own work).

The cast of The Mosquito Coast
The cast of The Mosquito Coast