The Moon Spinners

D: James Neilson
Disney (Bill Anderson)
UK 1964
119 mins


W: Michael Dyne [based on the novel by Mary Stewart]
DP: Paul Beeson
Ed: Gordon Stone
Mus: Ron Grainer

Hayley Mills (Nicky Ferris), Peter McEnery (Mark Camford), Eli Wallach (Stratos), Joan Greenwood (Frances Ferris)

A typical Disney vehicle for Hayley Mills, starring as a young girl on holiday on the Greek Island of Crete who inadvertently gets involved with a group of jewel thieves.
It's your usual sweet-as-pie performance from the juvenile star, the title song though, penned by Terry Gilkyyson, is as annoying as they come, and may have you reaching for the off button.

The Moon Spinners
The Moon Spinners