The Moon is Blue

D: Otto Preminger
United Artists (Otto Preminger)
US 1953
99 mins
W: F. Hugh Herbert [based on his play]
DP: Ernest Laszlo
Ed: Otto Ludwig
Mus: Herschel Burke Gilbert

Maggie McNamara (Patty O'Neill), David Niven (David Slater), William Holden (Donald Gresham), Tom Tully (Michael O'Neill)
A young girl is torn between the attractions of a middle aged lover and a younger one.
For the more conservative 1950's, this film was quite the scandal, particularly for the usages of words such as "virgin" so frivolously. 
By today's standards it's got about as much spice as a glass of milk, but it's a cute performance from Maggie McNamara in the lead.

The Moon is Blue
The Moon is Blue