The Master of Disguise

1,000 faces... and not a single clue
1,000 faces... and not a single clue


D: Perry Andelin Blake
Revolution/Happy Madison (Sid Ganis, Alex Siskin, Barry Bernardi & Todd Garner)
US 2002
80 mins


W: Dana Carvey & Harris Goldberg
DP: Peter Lyons Collister
Ed: Peck Prior & Sandy Solowitz
Mus: Marc Ellis

Dana Carvey (Pistachio Disguisey), Jennifer Esposito (Jennifer Baker), Harold Gould (Grandfather Disguisey), James Brolin (Fabbrizio Disguisey), Brent Spiner (Devlin Bowman)

Ten years after Wayne's World hit cinema screens, Dana Carvey's career was still in limbo whilst Mike Myers had a string of hits (Austin Powers, etc.)
Carvey attempted to create his own star power with this puerile comedy about a child-like Italian restauranteur (named Pistachio Disguisey, seriously) who learns his family skills of disguise and puts them into use to rescue his father from gangsters.
Unfortunately, the script consists mostly of baby talk, the makeup is below average standard and Dana Carvey is far too irritating to carry the movie.
The only plus is that this torture is only 80 minutes long.

Dana Carvey in The Master of Disguise
Dana Carvey in The Master of Disguise