My Life

Every moment counts
Every moment counts
MY LIFE (12)
D: Bruce Joel Rubin
Guild (Jerry Zucker, Bruce Joel Rubin & Hunt Lowry)
US 1993
116 mins
W: Bruce Joel Rubin
DP: Peter James
Ed: Richard Chew
Mus: John Barry

Michael Keaton (Bob Jones), Nicole Kidman (Gail Jones), Bradley Whitford (Paul Ivanovich), Queen Latifah (Theresa), Michael Constantine (Bill Ivanovich), Rebecca Schull (Rose Ivanovich), Haing S. Ngor (Mr. Ho)
A father-to-be is struck by the news that he is suffering from terminal cancer and decides to document his final days on videotape as a diary for his unborn son.
This sentimental drama certainly has it's heart in the right place and evokes some good performances from it's cast, but it seems content to take the path of least resistance to evoke some easy tears, especially with the overplaying of John Barry's saccharine music score.
Nicole Kidman & Michael Keaton in My Life
Nicole Kidman & Michael Keaton in My Life