Mute Witness

D: Anthony Waller
Columbia Tristar/Cobblestone (Alexander Buchman, Norbert Soentgen & Anthony Waller)
UK 1995
90 mins


W: Anthony Waller
DP: Egon Werdin
Ed: Peter Adam
Mus: Wilbert Hirsch

Marina Sudina (Billy Hughes), Fay Ripley (Karen Hughes), Evan Richards (Andy Clarke), Oleg Jankowskij (Larsen), Igor Volkow (Arkadi), Sergei Karlenkov (Lyosha), Alec Guinness (The Reaper)

Set almost wholly inside a Moscow film studios where a mute makeup artist works, locked in after dark, she witnesses a real-life murder being filmed for a snuff movie trade.
Despite the low budget, this slasher-style thriller is incredibly well made by director Anthony Waller with a modest cast delivering some very good performances. Some may note it for one of the final screen performances of Sir Alec Guinness, who turns up in a brief, but creepily sinister cameo role.

Marina Zudina in Mute Witness
Marina Zudina in Mute Witness