Mrs Brown

D: John Madden
Miramax/Ecosse (Sarah Curtis)
UK 1997
103 mins
W: Jeremy Brock
DP: Richard Greatrex
Ed: Robin Sales
Mus: Stephen Warbeck
PD: Martin Childs
Cos: Diedre Clancy
Judi Dench (Queen Victoria), Billy Connolly (John Brown), Geoffrey Palmer (Henry Ponsonby), Anthony Sher (Benjamin Disraeli), Gerald Butler (Archie Brown)
Following the death of her husband, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria develops a friendship with her gardener.
Judi Dench delivers a fantastic performance as England's (as yet) longest reigning monarch in this conservative period drama, meticulously designed with its faithful period detail, costumes and makeup, as well as being elegantly directed by John Madden.

Judi Dench & Billy Connolly in Mrs. Brown
Judi Dench & Billy Connolly in Mrs. Brown