Mr & Mrs Smith

D: Doug Smith
20th Century Fox/Regency (Arnon Milchan, Akiva Goldsman & Lucas Foster)
US 2005
120 mins


W: Simon Kinberg
DP: Bojan Bozelli
Ed: Michael Tronick
Mus: John Powell

Brad Pitt (John Smith), Angelina Jolie (Jane Smith), Vince Vaughn (Eddie), Kerry Washington (Jasmine), Adam Brody (Benjamin Danz)

Not a remake of the 1941 Alfred Hitchcock screwball comedy, if anything, this is a remake of Prizzi's Honor (qv).
Unsatisfied with their boring marriage, John and Jane Smith have some spice injected into their lives when it emerges that they're both professional assassins and their next target is each other. The rest of the film is spent with them attempting to kill each other.
Brad Pitt goes through the entire film in the same gear, while Angelina Jolie does her usual action-whore act. Considering this film established the pair as a real-life couple, you'd expect more chemistry, but there really isn't any. For an action-comedy it's pretty light on both, as well as originality. The worst part is that it's far too annoyingly smug, especially when it comes to Jolie's pathetic excuse for an acting performance.
Easy-to-watch, dumbed down Hollywood bullshit.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith