Mr & Mrs Smith

D: Alfred Hitchcock
RKO (Harry E. Edington)
US 1941
95 mins
W: Norman Krasna
DP: Harry Stradling
Ed: William Hamilton
Mus: Edward Ward
Carole Lombard (Ann Smith), Robert Montgomery (David Smith), Gene Raymond (Jefferson Custer), Jack Carson (Chuck Benson), Philip Merivale (Ashley Custer), Lucile Watson (Mrs. Custer), William Tracy (Sammy)

A married couple discover their marriage wasn't valid and while the husband wants to marry his wife again, she'd rather have nothing to do with him.

A rare foray into the comedy genre for Alfred Hitchcock, this had me expecting a black comedy but this is most definitely a screwball comedy, two completely different sub-genres. Robert Montgomery was decent but Carole Lombard thoroughly annoyed me, but perhaps this is more to do with the characters than the acting. 

Overall, it was okay but the story was very old-fashioned.  I'm pretty sure TV's American Dad did a version of the same story (Mr & Mrs Smith indeed) and it was much funnier (although in much poorer taste).

Not really a 'Hitchcock film', worth watching only for curiosity purposes.

The 2005 film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was a remake in name only.

Robert Montgomery & Carole Lombard in Mr & Mrs Smith
Robert Montgomery & Carole Lombard in Mr & Mrs Smith