Monster's Ball

D: Marc Forster
Lions Gate (Lee Daniels)
US 2001
111 mins
W: Milo Addica & Will Rokos
DP: Roberto Schaefer
Ed: Matt Chesse
Mus: Asche & Spencer
Billy Bob Thornton (Hank Grotowski), Halle Berry (Leticia Musgrove), Heath Ledger (Sonny Grotowski), Peter Boyle (Buck Grotowski), Sean Combs (Lawrence Musgrove)        
A racially motivated drama of loss and redemption, embedded with many great performances, particularly from its lead actress, Halle Berry as Leticia Musgrove. 
Mourning her husband, whose death sentence had just been carried out, Leticia finds solace and comfort when she begins a passionate relationship with Hank Grotowksi, one of the prison guards who carried out the sentence, himself mourning his own loss when his son takes his own life. 
The acting from Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton is excellent, especially from the former who received a Best Actress Oscar for her work. The supporting actors are also very good, particularly Heath Ledger & Peter Boyle as Hank's son & bigoted father, respectively.

Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton in Monsters Ball
Halle Berry & Billy Bob Thornton in Monsters Ball