D: Patty Jenkins
Metrodome (Mark Damon, Clark Peterson, Donald Kushner, Brad Wyman & Charlize Theron)
US/Germany 2003
109 mins


W: Patty Jenkins
DP: Steven Bernstein
Ed: Jane Kurson & Arthur Coburn
Mus: BT

Charlize Theron (Aileen Wuornos), Christina Ricci (Selby Wall), Bruce Dern (Thomas), Scott Wilson (Horton), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Gene), Lee Tergesen (Vincent)

Not a slash & gore horror that the title may suggest, but the real-life story of Aileen Wuornos, a lesbian prostitute who became a serial killer of her clients.
The film doesn't really tell us anything about the woman which a documentary might tell us, but is worth watching for Charlize Theron's strong performance (although you may not believe it was her, caked beneath unrecognisable makeup).

Charlize Theron in Monster
Charlize Theron in Monster