Monster Trucks


D: Chris Wedge

Paramount/Nickelodeon/Disruption (Mary Parent & Denis L. Stewart)

US 2016

105 mins 

Science Fiction/Comedy

W: Derek Connolly

DP: Don Burgess

Ed: Conrad Buff 

Mus: Dave Sardy

Lucas Till (Tripp Coley), Jane Levy (Meredith), Amy Ryan (Cindy Coley), Rob Lowe (Reece Tenneson), Danny Glover (Mr. Weathers), Barry Pepper (Rick), Holt McCallany (Burke)

A poor man's Transformers, but considering how poor I rate Michael Bay's sci-fi franchise this isn't a glowing indictment.

Lucas Till plays a high school senior with a side job on the junkyard, where he discovers a creature living in his truck that feeds on gasoline.

What could have been a family friendly adventure with a throwback to similar themed movies of the 1980's soon becomes a sermon about the evils of fracking, but aimed at kids.

Surprisingly, the film was in post-production for nearly 2 years, but that doesn't explain why the visual effects look so shoddy.


Monster Trucks
Monster Trucks