Monster A Go Go


D: Bill Rebane (& Herschel Gordon Lewis)
Something Weird/BI&L (Bill Rebane, Henry Marsh & Sheldon S. Seymour (Hershel Gordon Lewis))
US 1965
70 mins
Science Fiction/Horror
W: Sheldon S. Seymour (& Herschel Gordon Lewis)
DP: Frank Pfeiffer
Henry Hite (Frank Douglas / The Monster), June Travis (Ruth), Phil Morton (Col. Steve Connors), Peter S. Thompson (Dr. Chris Manning)
Notoriously bad B-movie which frequently appears on the lists of the worst movies ever made.
To go over the plot would be pointless, the film doesn't really have one. It was formed by using an incomplete horror movie and wrapping a (new) story around it, where an astronaut returns to Earth as something less than human. Unfortunately, the director of the new material was unsuccessful in reassembling the cast from the already filmed material, resulting in pointless plotting not helped by the nonsensical ramblings of a narrator.
Not worth a second of anybody's time.

Monster A Go Go
Monster A Go Go