D: Costa-Gavras
Universal/Polygram/Guber-Peters (Edward Lewis & Mildred Lewis)
US 1982
122 mins


W: Costa-Gavras & Donald Stewart [based on the book by Thomas Hauser]
DP: Ricardo Aronovich
Ed: Françoise Bonnot
Mus: Vangelis

Jack Lemmon (Ed Horman), Sissy Spacek (Beth Horman), Melanie Mayron (Terry Simon), John Shea (Charles Horman), Charles Cioffi (Capt. Ray Tower)

A near excellent political thriller set in unnamed South American country amid civil unrest.  During a curfew under martial law, a young journalist goes missing and his wife and father unite to discover his whereabouts and discover truths about America's involvement into the military coup.

The performances from Jack Lemmon & Sissy Spacek make this a gripping watch and the taut direction and screenplay by Constantin Costa-Gavras cannot be faulted.

Based on a true story.


Sissy Spacek in Missing
Sissy Spacek in Missing