Miami Blues

Real badge. Real gun. Fake cop.
Real badge. Real gun. Fake cop.
D: George Armitage
Rank/Orion/Tristes Tropiques (Jonathan Demme & Gary Goetzman)
US 1990
97 mins


W: George Armitage [based on the novel by Charles Willeford]
DP: Tak Fujimoto
Ed: Craig McKay & Bill Johnson
Mus: Gary Chang

Fred Ward (Sgt. Hoke Moseley), Alec Baldwin (Frederick 'Junior' Frenger), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Susie 'Pepper' Waggoner), Nora Dunn (Ellita Sanchez)

Ex-convict on the run Alec Baldwin impersonates a police officer to manipulate the law to his own means whilst doggedly pursued by Fred Ward, the cop whose badge he stole.
In the grand scheme of things, the film isn't a classic, but does have moments of tense thrills and dark humour, in addition to a pair of good performances from its leading men.

Alec Baldwin in Miami Blues
Alec Baldwin in Miami Blues