D: Whit Stillman
Mainline/Westerley/Allagash (Whit Stillman)
US 1989 (released 1990)
98 mins


W: Whit Stillman
DP: John Thomas
Ed: Christopher Tellefsen
Mus: Mark Suozzo & Tom Judson

Carolyn Farina (Audrey Rouget), Edward Clements (Tom Townsend), Christopher Eigeman (Nick Smith), Taylor Nichols (Charlie Black), Allison Rutledge-Parisi (Jane Clarke), Dylan Hundley (Sally Fowler)

Metropolitan is a small independent film where not much happens, but is still well-made, well-written and well-acted besides this.
A cash-strapped, left-wing student falls in with a group of rich Manhattan socialites who just seem intent on having cocktail parties and little else, making them realise there's more to life than their faux friendships. 
With more than a few references to the Pride & Prejudice and other literature classics, the film feels like an ode to Jane Austen without being a modernisation of her works.
This film won't be everyone's cup of tea however, and despite some realistic, intelligent dialogue there's very little else to recommend about it.