D: Richard Benjamin
Rank/Orion (Lauren Lloyd, Wallis Nichita & Patrick Palmer)
US 1990
110 mins
W: June Roberts [based on the novel by Patty Dann]
DP: Howard Atherton
Ed: Jacqueline Cambas
Mus: Jack Nitzsche
Cher (Rachel Flax), Bob Hoskins (Lou Landsky), Winona Ryder (Charlotte Flax), Christina Ricci (Kate Flax)
Coming-of-age 1960's set comedy-drama starring Cher as a flirtatious mother of two young girls, one of whom is torn between her decision to become a nun and her attraction to a handsome teenage boy.
Though this film found its audience at the time of release, it fails in the longevity test, memorable mostly for Cher's cover version of The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss), reaching number one in the UK singles charts.

Cher & Winona Ryder in Mermaids
Cher & Winona Ryder in Mermaids