Mercury Rising

Someone knows too much
Someone knows too much
D: Harold Becker
Universal/Imagine (Brian Grazer & Karen Kehala)
US 1998
112 mins


W: Lawrence Konner & Mark Rosenthal [based on the novel "Simple Simon" by Ryne Douglas Peardon]
DP: Michael Seresin
Ed: Peter Honess
Mus: John Barry

Bruce Willis (Agent Art Jeffries), Alec Baldwin (Lt. Col. Nicholas Kudrow), Miko Hughes (Simon Lynch), Chi McBride (Agent Tommy Jordan), Kim Dickens (Stacey Siebring)

Only in formulaic Hollywood action guff could the US government be so grossly incompetent that they could fail to carry out a professional hit on a 9-year-old autistic boy. The reason he's become a target is because he cracked a top secret code, which is bad for some reason, even though the child can fail to hold a conversation with anyone, including his own mother.
Bruce Willis can save the day though, as a disgraced agent on bodyguard duty, but with as little personal skills as the child.
The representation of autism here is not only false, but also very distasteful. The performances are all pantomime standard and the incessant John Barry score that plays throughout feels completely out of place.

Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising