Maximum Overdrive

Evil's wheels
Evil's wheels
D: Stephen King
Dino de Laurentiis (Martha Schumacher)
US 1986
97 mins
Science Fiction/Thriller
W: Stephen King
DP: Armando Nannuzzi
Ed: Evan Lottman
Mus: AC/DC
Emilio Estevez (Bill Robinson), Pat Hingle (Bubba Hendershot), Laura Harrington (Brett Graham), Yeardley Smith (Connie)
Horror novelist Stephen King takes a dab at screenwriting & directing with this science fiction thriller where all mechanical devices go haywire and develop a life of their own and menacing trucks trap a group of humans in a North Carolina gas station.
The premise is a rather idiotic update on Steven Spielberg's debut feature Duel (qv) and doesn't quite work. 
The soundtrack, crammed with songs by Stephen King's favourite rock band, AC/DC is certainly worth a listen to but King should really stick to working behind the typewriter rather than the camera.

Maximum Overdrive
Maximum Overdrive