D: Joe Dante
Universal (Michael Finnell)
US 1993
99 mins
W: Charlie Haas [based on the story by Jerico Stone]
DP: John Hora
Ed: Marshall Harvey
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Steven Legler
John Goodman (Lawrence Woolsey), Cathy Moriarty (Ruth Corday), Simon Fenton (Gene Loomis), Omri Katz (Stan), Lisa Jakub (Sandra)
Joe Dante's Matinee is an ode to 1950's film director William Castle, who produced horror and science fiction B-movies with an added twist, such as 3D "ghost viewer" glasses and rubber-costumed "monsters" at film premieres.
John Goodman is full of beans for this role as the wacky film producer using the same tricks to promote his new film "Mant!" in small town America during the peak of Cold War paranoia.
It's far from Dante's best work, but is still a very underrated film which struggle to find its key audience.

John Goodman in Matinee
John Goodman in Matinee