The Last Station


D: Michael Hoffman

Sony Pictures Classics (Bonnie Arnold, Jens Meurer & Chris Curling)

Germany/Russia/UK 2009

112 mins


W: Michael Hoffman [based on the novel by Jay Parini]

DP: Sebastian Edschmid

Ed: Patricia Rommel

Mus: Sergey Yevtushenko 

Helen Mirren (Sofya Tolstoy), Christopher Plummer (Leo Tolstoy), Paul Giamatti (Vladimir Chertkov), James McAvoy (Valentin Bulgakov), Kerry Conlan (Masha)

War and peace amongst the Tolstoy family, as an elderly Leo Tolstoy and his wife Sofya bicker over who controls the rights to his literary works when he passes away.

Valentin Bulgakov comes to the family estate, a pawn put forth by Vladimir Chertkov, a staunch desciple of Tolstoy's, who hopes that the newcomer will cause distraction in the household, and Valentin falls for the sexually aloof Masha.

The film boasts good performances from its cast ensemble, particularly Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer, who both received Oscar nominations, the latter receiving his first after a long and distinguished career. 


Helen Mirren & James McAvoy in The Last Station
Helen Mirren & James McAvoy in The Last Station