Lord of War

D: Andrew Niccol
Lions Gate (Phillippe Rousselot, Andrew Niccol, Nicolas Cage, Norman Golightly, Andy Grosch, Chris Roberts & Teri-Lin Robertson)
US/Germany 2005
122 mins


W: Andrew Niccol
DP: Amir Mokri
Ed: Zach Staenberg
Mus: Antonio Pinto

Nicolas Cage (Yuri Orlov), Jared Leto (Vitaly Orlov), Bridget Moynahan (Ava Fontaine), Ethan Hawke (Jack Valentine)

Andrew Niccol's satire on the arms dealing trade is too scattered to connect meaningfully and can't quite decide on whether or not it's a black comedy or a political rant.
Nicolas Cage is rather miscast in the part and it's all quite forgettable.

Nicolas Cage in Lord of War
Nicolas Cage in Lord of War