Last Dance

Sometimes justice is a criminal
Sometimes justice is a criminal


D: Bruce Beresford
Touchstone/Buena Vista (Steven Haft)
US 1996
103 mins


W: Ron Koslow
DP: Peter James
Ed: John Bloom
Mus: Mark Isham

Sharon Stone (Cindy Liggett), Rob Morrow (Rick Hayes), Randy Quaid (Sam Burns), Peter Gallagher (John Hayes), Jack Thompson (The Governer)

Weak attempt at a prison melodrama, in which an idealistic young lawyer attempts to save a woman who has already been incarcerated for 12 years on death row.
One may think that, for this premise, a Hollywood executive saw the film within a film from The Player (qv) and thought it would be a good project to greenlight before they even realised that it was a pisstake of Hollywood's output. Shelve this and watch Dead Man Walking (qv) instead.

The cast of Last Dance
The cast of Last Dance