Getting respect is one big goal
Getting respect is one big goal


D: Sidney J. Furie
Warner Bros./Morgan Creek (Albert S. Ruddy & Andre E. Morgan)
US 1992
90 mins
W: Curtis Burch
DP: Dan Burstall
Ed: Timothy Board & John W. Wheeler
Mus: Richard Gibbs
Rodney Dangerfield (Chester Lee), Jackée (Julie Benson), Jonathan Brandis (Matthew / Martha), Ilene Graff (Bess), Vinessa Shaw (Kimberly)
Unpleasant and obnoxious sexism is on the menu for this sports comedy, and not just from Rodney Dangerfield, but the actual plot of the movie.
Dangerfield is the wisecracking (in his own style) coach of a soccer team for teenage girls and the only hope they have to win their league is for a young lad to don tube-tops & a wig to score their goals for them.
Though it may be a comedy, it isn't at all funny and comes across as an insult to young girls who have perfectly capable athletic ability and encourages a win-at-all-costs mentality. Dreadful stuff.