The Kiss

D: Pen Densham
Columbia Tristar/Trilogy/Astral (Pen Densham & John Watson)
US 1988
98 mins
W: Stephen Volk & Tom Ropelewski
DP: François Protat
Ed: Stan Cole
Mus: J. Peter Robinson
Joanna Pacula (Felice Dunbar), Meredith Salenger (Amy Halloran), Nicholas Kilbertus (Jack Halloran), Mimi Kuzyk (Brenda Carson)
Low-budget horror starring Joanna Pacula as a model harbouring a secret dark side, she's part of a cult of witch-like creatures who pass on their gifts and curses via a kiss. 
Though the screenplay isn't terribly original, the film does possess some incredibly impressive gore effects and some effectively chilling moments. The performances are adequate and it's reasonably well directed for a modest, small-budget scary movie.

Meredith Salenger in The Kiss
Meredith Salenger in The Kiss