Kung Fu Hustle

D: Stephen Chow
Columbia/Sony Pictures Classics (Stephen Chow, Chui Po-Chu & Jeff Lau)
Hong Kong/China 2004 (released 2005)
99 mins


W: Stephen Chow, Tsang Kan-Cheong, Xin Huo & Chan Man-Keung
DP: Poon Hang-Seng
Ed: Angie Lam
Mus: Raymond Wong, Stephen Chow, Hang Yi & Xian Luo Zong

Stephen Chow (Sing), Yuen Wah (Landlord of Pig Sty Alley), Yuen Qiu (Landlady of Pig Sty Alley), Leung Siu-Lung (The Beast)

In 1940's China, a wannabe gangster aspires to join a notorious gang, while residents of a housing complex demonstrate extraordinary powers in defending their turf.
The film is a rather surreal mix of martial arts, action and comedy, but highly entertaining, though there will be some who will find it hard to get through the opening 30 minutes.

Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Hustle